Fremantle Fuel Injections has over 25 years in the industry and combined experience of in excess of 60 years we are confident that we have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your Diesel Fuel Injection problems can be solved.

Diesel pumps and injectors are the heart of the diesel engine. The mechanical condition of the fuel pump and injectors can determine operating conditions such as:

* Hard starting

* Blowing smoke

* Lack of performance

* Rough running

* Engine cut out

* Knocking

* overheating

Fremantle Fuel Injection provides customers with the ability to have their fuel systems tested and diagnosed in the workshop by using up to date dyno tuning equipment to simulate road conditions.

Our Bosch 4WD dynamometer is the ultimate tool allowing the diesel fuel injection specialist in Perth quick and accurate diagnosis of faults and carefully measure power and torque output.

Our diagnostic capabilities are further enhanced by the use of scan tools:

  • Bosch KTS 570 scan tool
  • G Scan
  • Delphi Diamond
  • Denso DS2 & PC
  • Launch


The scan tool allows the technician to access the electronic control unit of the vehicle, providing essential information to enable us to pinpoint a fault.

Together with up to date diagnostic equipment and technology and considering the customers complaint, Fremantle Fuel Injection is confident the correct problem can be identified and rectified in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Before any repairs are taken place, the customer is advised of the findings and what work is necessary to rectify the problem to manufacturer’s specification.  An estimation of cost involved is also advised. Upon approval the work is commenced using genuine components as required as an authorized service dealer for the companies listed.

All work carried out, unless stated, holds a 12 month nationwide warranty.

Don’t forget to contact us at Fremantle Fuel Injection Pty Ltd or call us today on 08 9335 4803